So here it is

Yes that is my blog being published in a newspaper in fact it is the Wandsworth borough news attached to a very nice article about Stash. Now I don’t have a problem with it being published but there are a couple of things, firstly an email just asking would have been polite, I know that I put my work on the www so anybody can read it but I never use my full name on my blog but has listed it in the article which concerns me a little. I think it is a bit of a grey area whether they have infringed my copyright but hey I guess its the only time I am ever going to be published.
It has been an odd couple of weeks I have started at Stash and given my first classes there which have been great fun. I have also been in the store when lots of familiar faces have dropped by, thats one of the things I missed about not working in the store anymore catching up with everyones knitting. We have now set up a whole new set of classes, check over on the stash website:) Posted by Picasa



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5 responses to “So here it is

  1. I, like the view

    I remember how totally freaked I was when I realised that ILTV had come up on someone’s google search. . .

    I mean, writing for other bloggers to read is one thing, but for complete and utter strangers (how could another blogger be a stranger?) was something else entirely!

    (then I saw the funny side of it, they searched the internet for info on their chosen topic, and ended up reading my ramblings!)

    this is different tho

    I think you should contact the newspaper and ask for a fee – they’d have had to have paid a different kind of celeb for an interview. . . plus they pay columnists for their words, don’t they?

  2. I, like the view

    ps, why don’t you put a copyright thingy on the bottom of your blog, then if they do it again, they will have infringed your copyright?

    and you could sue

    for £gazillions

    or not, coz you’re probably nicer then me

    not that I’d have the courage to sue

    I’ll stop ranting now!

  3. I, like the view

    oh, before I go, I put in a link to nickerjac on a special post on ILTV, is this OK or should I have asked first*? eek!! now you’ll be suing me!!!

    *oops, sorry, let me know if it’s a prob and I’ll take it off

    right, I really am going now

    before I get myself into more trouble

  4. Jill

    Considering all the knitting info there is on your blog, I cannot understand why they picked on the one entry that dealt with cooking! I think you have a point about them putting on your full name – they should be told to stop them doing it again……

  5. PurlyQueen

    Hi! I’m the knitter with the denim Clapotis!
    You should definitely write to the Editor and complain about what they’ve done. Firstly, they certainly shouldn’t have published your blog without permission and they most certainly shouldn’t have published your name. I mean, it’s no-one’s business what your real name is and if you wanted your real name in cyberspace, then you would have called your blox XXXXXXX’s knits or something.

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