Confession Time

Ok so I know I have hundreds of projects on the go but yes I have cast on another, this is the sexy ribs pullover from the Big Girl Knits book, not that you can tell from this picture I have something like 360 stitches on here and have to work three inches in rib before I can do anything exciting. Its using some of the cotton angora that I brought from Cold Spring Mills last year and have three cones in this colour which should be plenty. I’ve really enjoyed knitting in it so far, I know other people have had problems with this yarn splitting but so far so good.
I’ve decided to join in the fun over on the Hipknits blog where to celebrate Kerries birthday she has posted thirty things about her and invites us to join in and we have the chance to win 30 GBP of yarn from Hip Knits. So here goes

1. I hate brussel sprouts (thats the easy one) I don’t care what you do to them I still dislike the taste.
2. I am the eldest child of four, I was the one they experimented on which explains a lot.
3. I had my jaw broken at 18 for medical purposes.
4. I love burnt broccolli, when you stir fry it and it catches and goes a little crispy, I have no idea why its just one of those things.
5. I have a fine art degree in sculpture which is my first love.
6. I learnt to weld, wasn’t very good but my braizing isn’t to bad.
7. I have had a full body cast done.
8. I am tone deaf when it comes to singing
9. I hate the colour peach
10. I can’t wear wool (well only on my feet as in socks) I can knit with it fine just can’t wear it.
11. My eyes are quite light sensitive so not only do I suffer in this heat I get really bad head aches from the light if I am out in the sun too long.
12. I hate washing up but love ironing for some reason!
13. I have been up the empire state building even if I clug to the building for dear live s get really bad vertigo, can’t get past the first couple of steps on a ladder.
14. Love tequila but usually after three shots can’t stand.
15. Qualified to work in a playgroup, and did for a few years
16. Have been a youth worker for 18yrs
17. I have never wanted kids
18. I can cook for a hundred people but struggle for two, so either we have way too much or too little.
19. I have sung on stage at the NIA at Birmingham and in London
20. I was artist in residence at the childrens festival at Greenbelt a few years ago (I love that festival)
21. I have five different e-mail accounts in a vain attempt to be organised using one for buisness one for ebay and so on.
22. I have appeared in the New Scientist on as many as three occasions to my knowledge.
23. My brother appeared on the cover of the Lancet
24. I am a drop knitter
25. I love boye needles
26. I want a tatoo on my feet ( we are working on the design still have been working on one for ten years now)
27. I play on a PS2 reguarly ( good for working out your anger and frustration)
28. I am terrible at remembering birthdays
29. I am exceedingly stubborn and independent.
30. I love photography and would love to have my own dark room.

Ok that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be so I am now off to go and photograph a wonderful present I got in the post yesterday. Posted by Picasa



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5 responses to “Confession Time

  1. Brigid

    Good luck with the jumper. I will be very interested to see how it turns out. I’ve been eying that pattern myself. I wonder how the guage on your yarn compares with the one in the pattern?

  2. alltangledup

    thanks for sharing that. It’s nice to learn a little more about you.

  3. I, like the view

    wow – so much I didn’t know about you! (that’s hardly suprising though!)

    would like to know more about New Scientist, as it’s my favourite read

    thanks for dropping by!

  4. noblinknits

    Wow – what was the new scientist bit?

    Might have to meander over to stash yarns sometime soon.

    Ps we met at olympia but then you must have met loads of people that day. We had a little chat about yarnsmith.

  5. sdRay

    My name is Ray and I just started a new blog about the confession music. Its a place where you can chat about the confession music confidentially. I hope you will come and check out Thanks for letting me post on your site.

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