Weed or not a Weed

That is the question, I do hope not as this is one of the few flowers in the garden and I have a white version as well and they are absolutely beautiful. I guess the best definition of a weed I heard was that a weed is a plant that is in the wrong place. Posted by Picasa



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8 responses to “Weed or not a Weed

  1. Annehttp://www.pettigrew.org.uk/anne

    Looks like valerian to me – it’s the sort of thing that likes to crop up all over the place, but if you think it’s pretty, and you like where it is, then it’s not a weed 🙂 (And I could be wrong – I’m not a plant expert.)

  2. Daisy

    If it’s pretty and you like it then let it grow! Much more fun than weeding anyway…

  3. Suehttp://knittiotherapy.typepad.com

    Possibly some kind of allium (onion)?

    It’s pretty!

  4. Brigid Hamilton-Jones

    I agree – it’s almost certainly valerian. It will seed itself around and each plant is a perennial – i.e. should return next year.

  5. bigbust&beautiful

    It’s japanese knotweed & you should get rid of it because it’s a very virulent weed!!, once you’ve got it it will spread like wild fire & you won’t be able to get rid of it.

  6. Liz

    Looks like valerian to me too. You can also use the roots as a dyeplant (red) and it attracts moths. Small warning though that a small no. of people (including my mother) are allergic to it – get nettlerash/blistering – so handle with care!

  7. Kittyhttp://www.kittenspyjamas.com

    It is not japanese knotweed. I guarantee it – I’ve got japanese knotweed and that ain’t it.

    I have no idea what it is, but if it’s self-seeding you might want to keep an eye open to make sure it doesn’t take over your garden completely… keeping it under control would probably make you more popular with the neighbours too. 😀

  8. Joan

    It is valerian. Life’s too short to fight with Mother Nature, so if it’s happy with the soil in your garden and you think it is attractive, let it be! My kind of gardening leaves all kinds of extra time for… more knitting.

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