And just to prove I haven’t given in on the garden, we were sent these from Andy’s ex father in Law apparently two are red tomatoes and one is a yellow variety and at the moment they are almost twice this size and need repotting and putting out side.
We tackled a little more of the garden today and I have discovered what look like they could be yellow Irises coming into flower and possibly a camelia bush, difficult to tell with that one as having to clear a path to it. Unfortunately I seem to have uncovered a lot of pests too like a huge caterpilar nest on our apple tree, they were all furry with a blue strip down them plus I have just noticed some sort of white mould on another bush oh well I’ll keep trying. Posted by Picasa


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4 responses to “Gardening

  1. Brigid

    I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday. Good luck with those caterpillars!

  2. Spinningfishwife

    If you don`t want to use chemicals, mix up one part of milk to four parts if water, leave it out in the warm for a couple of days then spray the plant with the white mouldy bits. Works on the same principle as yoghurt and thrush.

    Sounds like you had a nice birthday!

  3. I, like the view

    my dad used to put a section of sticky paper in a band around the trunk of the tree to stop things climbing up. . .

    and spray anything that was already up with watered down washing up liquid. . .

  4. Michelle

    Happy belated birthday! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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