Boot Sale Find

We went to a boot sale yesterday, its the first time in ages for me, and look at one of the things I brought, its a beautiful dinner plate by Alfred Meakin in the Morning Star pattern, we also got six tea plates, I think I may have found something else to collect, fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you see it there isn’t a lot of this pattern listed on ebay so I feel a few more visits to boot sales going on. Posted by Picasa



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3 responses to “Boot Sale Find


    You can’t beat boot sales for retro pots in my opinion, I love going to boot sales, I am dangerous at boot sales, last time I went I got a whole tub of buttons for a pound! I was going through the tub picking out the wooden and leather buttons that I liked and the fella says ‘it’s a pound for the whole tub you know, not each button’ I was well chuffed!

  2. knittingingrid

    I love Meakin china – it has such a pretty glaze – and what a lovely pattern! Lucky you!

  3. I, like the view

    what a pretty pattern – it looks like a daisy. . .


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