Close Up

Thank you Sue and Mary for the advice here is a close up of one of the trees, sorry not the best I know I’ll try and get a better one with my own camera later.

We are off back to Barnes tonight for a little more packing so will be able to download some of the pictures from my camera.

Knitting wise I have done my swatch for Reid from the 4ply as I was worried about the tension as people had been talking about using DK cotton to knit it in but my tension is pretty much spot on with my 4ply and I am even using a smaller needle so maybe my normal tension has loosened up a little. Posted by Picasa



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3 responses to “Close Up

  1. Wye Sue

    Sorry cant recognise it … will think about it when I next go garden centre browsing….

  2. m

    Like Sue I can’t tell either.
    Have you asked the neighbours?

  3. knittingingrid

    If you are in Barnes, I am hoping you might be coming tomorrow – hope to see you there!

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