Show time

Ok so Olympia is fast approaching and kits are being wound, even Andy got in on the act with some Inspiration Threads helping me wind eighty of those bundles, and even brought some of the kits here to wind all ready for next weekend.
Yes I am here back in Essex, I seem to be spending a lot of time on the district line at the moment, and this is ok if I can get a seat because it means I get some knitting done, but unfortunately this is not always the case, and yes I know I can knit standing up but its difficult if you are also trying to balance a badly packed suitcase at the same time 🙂
So I did finally manage to catch up with Tess at Silkwood, also with a couple of people I know who are opening a new knitting store who had come across to buy some stock (can’t tell you anymore I am sure that all will be revealed soon enough). We managed to finalise the show plan for the year (check out Silkwoods blog) and when I am staying or not.
The stash at Andy’s is growing, I managed to get hold of some Anchor magic cotton for some new face cloths at a good price thanks to a link by Daisy Chains, I now have two baskets on one of the window sills full of knitting and wool (will photograpgh if I remember) and still all is well, have located a couple of empty cupboards that may be able to store some more 😉
Unfortunately didn’t get to either knitting group this week due to preperations for Olympia but hoping to get to at least one next week, if not I hope to get a chance to catch up with a few of you there.


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