Quick Note

ust a quick note to say hi before I head off to Skip North WooHoo !!!!!!!! So bags packed and ready to go and am about to leave for Lixies but thought I would drop by and post a picture of my man (I know cheesy) I guess I am still in the wonderful moment when you meet someone and it is just right, not necessarily explainable so I trying not to analysis it and just go with it. Fingers crossed.

Oh he did ask me to point out that although he know what a knit stitch is he is not a knitter lol.

On the knitting side have got a little done but I am not going to finish my socks for the olympic challenge but am determined to finish the face cloth 🙂


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10 responses to “Quick Note

  1. dawnhttp://deesie.typepad.com/

    gush gush! I see that he likes cats! Now you just have to get him to like being talked about! Hey, chris won’t even pick up needles!


  2. Tracy

    Don’t you just love that light as air feeling when you find “the one?”

  3. Spinningfishwife

    He likes cats? This is a GOOD sign!

  4. Jill

    Cats definitely a good sign – also a beard – my DH has one. Have a good time this week-end, you’ll need your winter woollies…..

  5. Daisy

    Have an excellent time this weekend!

  6. Jacinta

    I am sooo happy for you!! Hope you had a good weekend despite the weather being soooooo COLD!

  7. spuk113

    I got my package today. It rocks and you rock too. Thank you so much!!!!!

  8. Suehttp://Knittiotherapy.typepad.com

    Awww and he likes cats, this can only be GOOD 🙂

  9. CraftyPerson

    Knit him a strait jacket so he can’t escape you!!!

  10. CraftyPerson

    Knit him a strait jacket so he can’t escape you!!!

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