I’m Baaacckkk

Sorry about the brief intermission yet more computer issues but happily now settled in at Silkwood for the rest of the week so I even get broad band.

Thank you so much for all my blogaversiry I was so chuffed and I have done the draw and first out of the hat was Dawn followed by spuk 113 so small parcels will be in the post soon, so look out for an email from me to check your postal addresses.

The second fantastic bit of news was the arrival of some books and magazines that I got from While you were sleeping one is Paper Scissor Cloth, a magazine that Sue introduced to me a while ago but have been unable to get hold of without difficulty here and a book I had been looking at about altered books now if those two weren’t enough she added a bonus of Creative knitting and it almost made me break my no new casting on until something is finished I really am going to make the spiral needle holders. Hopefully I will put the pic up later but am still working out which hole on the card reader my memory card goes in lol.

I also treated myself today and made my way over to Charlshalton Craft, I have managed to put off a visit since I stayed here last and it is still as nice as I remember and brought the odd thing (ok maybe a few things:). SO now its back to the cats and rabbits and of course the by now infamous raeburn which I cannot really let go out in this weather as it is absolutely freezing here at the moment.

More tomorrow


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2 responses to “I’m Baaacckkk

  1. spuk113

    i’m so excited…!!! I never win anything. Really i should be sending you a gift since it was your blog b day. I will have to send you something back…

  2. dawnhttp://deesie.typepad.com/

    hi nic! I can say the same thing! (I once won a hairbrush months after entering a competition when I was a teenager!). I can’t wait!

    Should I go out and buy a Euro lottery ticket?


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