Happy Birthday to me

Well ok not me, its what I consider My Blog birthday, although my archives go back a little longer this is the date a year ago I really started to blog or should I say on occasion moan and whinge. I have made some good friends through this site and I thank you for all your support through what hasn’t been the best of years and as a celebration if you drop by and leave a comment after this post I will put you in a birthday draw and the lucky winner will recieve a hank of my handspun plus a few little other knitting goodies. Oh yes I’ll make the draw on Monday evening.

So my bit of self indulgence over and done with I am having a fun week, on Monday night after a wonderful home cooked meal at Luciana’s (sorry for the spelling) and Dans and doing battle with their new printer look what Luciana gave me, apparently they were her Mothers who was a great spinner from what I have seen as have gained part of her fleece stash before and these are just beautiful, not pictured is a beautiful elegant silver which has lots of posibilities.

lurex heaven

Wednesday it was our knitting group in Putney which always fun, especially as the travelling is so much less than other groups, there seemed to be lots of socks on the needles including my dreamweavers. Jill was wearing her new boa (now a good blogger would have instantly whipped out her camera at that moment and taken a wonderful shot but I was obviousley not on the ball) I have been so good though as I haven’t cast one on although am really really tempted especially when Jill told me how quickly she knitted it….but no I must resist.

Yvonne also joined us on Wednesday and after the knitting group we had time to go and find some lunch to catch up and of course this blogger has forgotten the name of the good greek resturant that looked like an eighties night club is. We had a couple of glasses of Retsina and put the knitting world to rights and a bit of arm twisting tot come down to the brighton show next month we wandered back up to the station popping in to the charity shops on the way just in case, no great finds I’m afraid.

And on Thursday Mary came down to visit, I always have a great time when she visits as she is so inspiring, I think this is helped by our love of colour and she brought me some great pressies (pictures tomorrow) and even though she is still with out voice we had a good chance to catch up via a white kindly invented by Dan and now have three thousand ideas running around my head. Well its getting late so more tomorrow, or should I say later today.



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13 responses to “Happy Birthday to me

  1. spuk113

    Happy Birthday you… I really enjoy your blog, it rocks and is inspiring to me. I’m glad you are here for use to partake of. I’m the comment virgin. There is always a first for everything. Congradulations and sucess in your next year. Keep on keeping on (that was corny)!

  2. Annarellahttp://www.annarella.co.uk

    Happy blog birthday πŸ™‚ xxx

  3. Maryhttp://thewoolpalace.typepad.com

    Happy Blog Birthday! Glad to hear Jill’s finished her boa. You know you want one too…

  4. ra

    happy blogday, lurve the lurex, it’s very funky!

  5. Annehttp://www.pettigrew.org.uk/anne

    Happy Blog Birthday to you, Happy Blog Birthday to you,
    Happy Blog Birthday dear Nic,
    Happy Blog Birthday toooooo yoooooooou!

    Yummy lurex too!

  6. Jill

    It is waste of time going to a charity shop after Yvonne has been through it first……Love the green lurex……

  7. m

    I had a great time via the whiteboard, and my harsh whisper.
    I love being in your studio, just wish it was closer!
    You should have mentioned the “Birthday”, maybe I’d have been even more inspired.

  8. Tracy

    Happy Blogiversary and many more!

  9. Yvonne

    Happy Blogiversary!

    I must dig out that lurex for you – as jill has so kindly pointed out – you need to check the charity shops on a regular basis – preferably when there are no other knitters in town!

  10. dawnhttp://deesie.typepad.com/

    bloody hell, so many comments! I will try to get down to the knitting group soon, will aim for the one in four weeks (staff on holdiday). I have the same problem with jill- she’d knitted some wonderful socks & I didn’t get a photo! We’ll be in brighton on saturday…


  11. cccavicch

    Hi, Nic! Congratulations on your blogiversary! I love catching up on what you and the rest of the UK knitters are up to.

    Hope to see you when I’m next over in March.


  12. Pamela

    Happy Blogging Birthday to you πŸ™‚

  13. Jacqueline

    happy birthday to you
    let’s knit up a few
    spare socks to match the odd ones
    and the you’ll have two

    (if you see what I mean. . . a pair rather than lots of spares) (how complicated could I make this? I’ll stop now)

    ha ha ha!!!


    lots of love, from Jacq

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