Ok a New Day

Now fingers crossed I can get the last of these pictures up.
These are the pictures of my wonderful Christmas present from Yvonne.
Firstly these,
pressie Posted by Picasa

The book is a wonderful collection of scarf patterns including a butterfly pattern which I did take a close up of but decided it didn’t want to come out and play today.In the green tin are these wonderful sticth markers
Close up Posted by Picasa

Butterflies of course (can you spot the running theme) I think they were from Curious Yarns aren’t they perfect.
And finally this beautiful Pendant.
.glass Posted by Picasa

Its beautiful foiled glass and you can’t see the beautiful irredescent nature of it in the pic.
Knitting wise I am debating wether to take part in the Yarn Harlots knitting olympics, not sure what I would knit and it would end on the final day of Skip North, maybe other skip north attendees want to take part and we can have our own closing ceremony. Not long to go now till our adventure in Haworth have started saving for my spending



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7 responses to “Ok a New Day

  1. dawnhttp://deesie.typepad.com/

    I’m joining! Figure I can have a clean(ish) slate of wips by then, and it would be cool to knit a jumper in 16days!


  2. kerriehttp://kerriesplace.co.uk/weblog

    Thanks for the handspun, it arrived this morning – I love it! I’ve joined the olympics…

  3. Spinningfishwife

    Count me in for SkipNorth and the Knitting Olympics both. (I`m knitting Jaywalkers.)

    Val. (Or Isabella, as I`1m known on the registration form.)

  4. Annarellahttp://www.annarella.co.uk

    The pendant is so beautiful! What a lovely gift.

    Go sign up for the Olympics! It’ll be fun, and with the SkipNorth being on at the same time, talk about setting yourself up for a challenge!


  5. Maryhttp://thewoolpalace.typepad.com

    I’ve signed up for the Olympics as well – looks like there’ll be quite a big team from the UK!

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