One last Thing

Ok so the plan was to show you pictures of the show, my christmas present from Yvonne and of the small amount of goodies that I brought but had a daft moment and managed to leave the camera with all the photos on at the studio so I am afraid it will have to wait until tomorrow night.
Knitting wise I managed to spin another hank of yarn today and dyed some merino for another but no actual knitting, mind you after the rush comission peice probably wise to give my fingers a rest.
Another peice of good news is that Mermaids Nipple has been adopted and found a new home. I hope her new owner enjoys her as much as I enjoyed spinning her.

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One response to “One last Thing

  1. Pamela

    Phooey, I was so fed up to see that Mermaids Nipples has been snapped up by someone else.

    So you’re a spindler? I love handspindles, but there don’t seem to be so many of us in the UK.

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