Self Portrait Tuesday

This months theme is
Personal History

Explore the cross over between self portraiture and family photography. This challenge can be as simple as revisiting old family snap shots – to tell a story

I must admit I am finding this a bit of a challenge for several reasons, firstly not many family pictures exsist they are far and few between, probably a relievf in some cases no nude shot of me in the bath as a baby lurking lol. SO I am really looking forward to this as weeks to come.

Nan Posted by Picasa

My first picture is simple this is my Nan, besides being told continually that I look like her and have been known to be called by her name (Gwen) she is one of the most important women in my life, whilst my Mum and Dad spent time arguing why neither of them had time for in they’re life for me and my brother when they divorced my Nan just took us in, we all squashed into her little coouncil flat and I even shared a room with her for a few years, she showed me what a parent should be and how to love, she also made the best butterfly cakes in the world.

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