A proper post

Firstly I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and you are all managing to have a wonderful Boxing Day.
I had to show you these, this is one of the presents that my brother brought me.

pressie Posted by Picasa

Now they don’t look much but the best bit I can’t show you is that dependent on the way they are stacked depends upon what song they sing, they are very funny, and it gets better each one has a secret. They all have babies.

babies Posted by Picasa

Apparently there are many more to collect, and am trying very hard not to get drawn in they are hysterical though.
So onto knitting news, as I said I’ve been doing a little, to start with this is my progress on my dreamweaver sock.

progress Posted by Picasa

Not bad bit have now remembered why I prefer short row heels, but with the inclusion of a couple of extra sticthes picked up there are no holes.
The next is a bit of Crochet, I brought one of Prudence Mapstones PDF files for alternative fringes and did some experimenting, still not happy with the scale.

crochet Posted by Picasa

And finally as one of the things I ordered from Get Knitted before Christmas I decided to make my Christmas Knitting this its the Pacific Northwest Shawl, now I have tried lace knitting a few times and have got fed up with usually by the third repeat but so far I am not doing to bad.

really bad picture Posted by Picasa

Not that you can see from this awful photo I have finished the sea gulls and have got as far as the widest point on the fir tree, which isn’t bad considering I started it on the 23rd. The yarn I am using is some Blue Heron mercurised cotton so I can actually wear it and it is easy to work backwards to unlike something more fluffy. SO I am off to continue and see if I can finish the fir trees today, I may need some help though on the I-Cord top and the the pointy edging but I’ll worry about that when I get there.


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  1. Melanie

    First of all, i MUST have some of the singing animals. What are they and where can I find them. (I mean, they’d be for zander of course.)

    And yay, so glad to hear of your successful lace attempts as well. My prayer is that we both conquer it in the new year! Merry Christmas!

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