Angels Complete

Oh what a wonderful week so far, I have to admit to not thinking this would be the case this week as the anniversary of Robins death approaches but is going far better than I expected. I am not saying that I don’t have my down times but thats ok.

I went to the new knitting group in Putney on Wednesday morning which as ever was nice and relaxing and got to see some wonderful projects on the needles and discuss the merits of yarn and yarn companies which is always fun. Unfortunately didn’t manage to get to Liberty this week as I decided an early night was in order with the upcoming sleep over with the youth club which usually means very little sleep!!! But to make up fpr that we are all booked into see the Chronicles of Narnia tonight all nineteen of us.

I also got some wonderful parcels yesterday, my first one was my order from Get Knitted (I know that I was supposed to be being good, its not working) well I went onto the site for some dpns and this is what arrived.

first parcel Posted by Picasa

Firstly my Interweave knits always a good read, a fibre trends pattern (a possible christmas project) and a ball of sock yarn (yes I know I am never going to knit all the yarn I have bit I loved this new colourway of Opal).

dream catcher Posted by Picasa

And now I have a confession, another parcel arrived at the studio, this contained something a little larger.

my pride and joy Posted by Picasa

Ok so it didn’t arrive quite like that in fact it arrived flat packed but with the help of Jac and a couple of hours it was all up and running, I know I am supposed to be buying things for other people at this time of year and feel a little guilty but it does mean I can produce more of my own homespun whilst waiting for deliveries. I am so in love with this wheel and Haldanes provided great service it arrived within 48hrs of me ordering it.

first bit Posted by Picasa

This is my first bit of yarn off it, its a practice piece for my next yarn called crushed fair wings, I am now torn between going to work with the kids and spinning but will be good, but we all know what I am doing Sunday.



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5 responses to “Angels Complete

  1. m

    I love your wheel!!
    Looking forward to seeing what you make on it.

  2. Sue Sanderson


    I love your first yarn – it’s very pretty – so soft. Is that a copper thread through it?

  3. Annarella

    The handspun yarn looks so funky – dying to see what you’ll make on your new spanking wheel, what a great Xmas present to oneself! xxx

  4. littlelixie

    Yippe yippee…are you going to paint it at all? How exciting!!!

  5. Yvonne

    i spent Friday having ‘Angel” moments of my own – All totally unexpected and non-volunteeered (by me) but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world

    I’ve been thinking about you today – hope you’re ok

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