Great Day

After a bit of a journey to Norwood, travel planner reckoned it would take an hour and a half in fact took closer to three, I arrrived at Sue’s yesterday, we had the postponed birthday come work room opening and it was wonderful. Obviousley I didn’t take any pictures of the most important thing the wonderful work room, we were all in awe and all wanted one, it was so well organised and full of wonderful boxes of amazing suprises,
Jan opened one and out came this wonderful Tiara

opening a wonderful box Posted by Picasa

that wasn’t the only one, they were all delicate and beautifully beaded
And then Sue brought out her exquisite cloak

sue in the wonderful cloak Posted by Picasa

Its not the best picture of it but look at this close up to see the work that is in it,

close up Posted by Picasa

And then beth and Sue went up to the loft to get the matching collar, which was amazing, here it is sitting in Jan’s knee

collar Posted by Picasa

and here’s the close up

close up of collar Posted by Picasa

She is so talented. And out came another box and in this one we found these wonderful bowls

another box opened Posted by Picasa

We of course did some knitting and I almost finished my hat and would of if I had remembered my dpns. We also had some finger knitting going on, and we Jacinta admitted to not actually ever having done any she was soon off and running with Yvonne’s help and we also got our non knitter (Danielle I think never been much good with names) finger knitting

a new convert Posted by Picasa

She actually managed to finish a wonderful scarf by the end of the evening.

The journey home was made a little more fun with the company of Adrienne, Joanna and Shea (apologies for the spellings I know I have got it wrong) and a lot of Crystal Palace fans who were all wonderful and seemingly very family orientated, we had a few questions asked about the knitting on the journey to. We divided at Victoria and I headed for the distrist Line which of course was full of Chelsea fans (not so family orientated) but took me about two and a half hours in the end but a little less stressful.
So today the challenge of the angel costumes, I will feel positive about this play I will ( well if I keep telling myself this maybe it will sink in six days to go).



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4 responses to “Great Day

  1. Sue Sanderson


    So glad you enjoyed the day and that the awful travel didn’t impact too much. It was a fabulous day wasn’t it – I haven’t had so much fun in ages.

    Love Sue

  2. Mary

    Sounds like you had a great day. Sue’s work looks amazing. A lovely way to spend a weekend!

  3. littlelixie

    Sounds like you had a great day and I like the self-portrait. Hope all’s well xx

  4. Annarella

    I have been seeing pics of that afternoon around the Net and I’ve loved all of them. The studio is a little dream & the cloak is out of this world!


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