Manic Monday

Well not that manic really except for the dreaded nativity rehearsal, I knew there was a reason why I had stop doing them, the stress is truely not worth it. The kids start out thinking its a wonderful idea until the actual rehersals start and then its I’m bored or the other option is having a child who volunteers to be every part. So they get stressed the leaders get stressed and it all ends up being a complete nightmare. So here I am sitting here looking at three angel costumes waiting to be altered. All I can do is apoologise to anyone who has to watch this in the end and to those people around me who will probably pay for all the stress, just nine days to go……

Knitting wise I am almost done with the cashsoft baby cardigan just a sleeve left to knit. Unfortunately went to look at the new Knitty last night and I want to knit at least three of the patterns especially the pocket creatures the question is where do I buy lavender from. Going to be good must finish a project first.

Oh to answer Daisy’s question I am fairley sure that it was the main news, was slightly distracted as I was fighting with the accounts at the time.


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3 responses to “Manic Monday

  1. Tracy

    You can buy lavender here
    I haven’t bought from them but a friend I know who makes satin cushions has used them before. Next year, I’ll save some and dry it from the garden….if I ever remember 😉

  2. Jill

    It was the lunch-time 1.00 news, presented by Anna Ford ! – I thought it was JL in Oxford Street? I may be able to help you with lavender, I kept some from my garden this year, but haven’t done anything with it, and I don’t know what sort of state it is in, may have gone mouldy or something.

  3. Isabella.

    Lots of dried lavender on Ebay…I usually buy a pound or so every year as moth repellent for the stash. (Yes, the stash is that big….)

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