Ice Cream Galore

Another quick post as back still dodgy. seem to be alright as long as I don’t stay in the same position for to long ie went out for dinner with Jac this evening and couldn’t get up without a whole lot of pain. Thankfully didn’t ruin the wondeful homemade chicken Pie.
So here are the first photos of mine and Yvonne’s indulgences yesterday at Harrods.
Yvonne’s Choclate Sundae Posted by Picasa

My Peach Melba Posted by Picasa

I know its the second week in a row for me which is whay I didn’t manage to finish my Peach Melba no matter how yummy it was. This was followed with a nice restful evening at Liberty even if the journey home wasn’t so much fun.

The day started off well to as my order from Collinette arrived mostly for a kit in a specific colourway but a couple of hanks of Isis for a new loopy scarf as my old one is looking a little thread bare.
pile of yummy things Posted by Picasa

I have to say I must of hit the wrong button on the order as that yellow really isn’t me.



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3 responses to “Ice Cream Galore

  1. Anna

    Yummy… that chocolate sundae looks soooo delicious! Right, I know, I’ll treat myself to a Hagen Daz ice cream this afternoon! 🙂


  2. Tracy

    I’ve just found myself drooling all over the keyboard!

  3. m

    I wish I knew where to find sundaes like that around here!

    How about overdyeing the yellow!

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