So although still suffering from this lurgy yesterday I decided to carry on with plan for a flight on the London Eye and I am so glad I did the weather was beautiful.
St Pauls Posted by Picasa

Horse Guards Parade Posted by Picasa

Look at the view it was a wonderful day, we were going to follow this up with either the Sattchi gallery or possibly the aquarium but decided to make the most of the weather and decided upon a walk along the South Bank.

another view Posted by Picasa

We stopped off at The NFT for a quick glass of wine and then carryed on wandering down to the Tate and had lunch in a pub over looking the river.

On the way home Posted by Picasa

Then we wandered back watching the sun set as we went. Admittedly by that point I think the cough medicine was wearing off and the last bit of the walk was a bit of a struggle as as ever the cold had sunk down to my chest.

I did manage to get into the studio today meeting Jacqueline for a coffee and gossip plus a bit of knitting talk before I started the mammoth cleaning job to find the studio as it had all got a little out of hand before the show, well the good news is that I managed to successfully clear the smaller end before coming home tonight which leaves me the wool end for tomorrow.

I have to say still feel very uninspired to do any knitting at all I’m hoping its just the cold.



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2 responses to “Sunshine

  1. Anonymous

    blog/site to my favorites. I also have a blog/site you’re invited to visit

  2. Melanie

    HI! Look:

    This is the green/purple roving you sent me… that my friend dan spun up. Yummy huh?


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