I actually managed to doenload some images, I don’t know what was up with the computer last night more likely it was my cold clouding my judgement.
So here are a couple of photos to start with.

books Posted by Picasa

This is of two of the books I got at ally Pally obviousley I picked up the bargin Vogue who could resist for £2 I wish I had, there is nothing in it at all that I got excited about which is unusual for me usually I at least find an article or something. The other book is a book on Friendly Plastic that I got from the Crafty Notions stand, we use this stuff at youth club quite a bit so I’m always looking for new ideas, I was also seduced by several other items on the stand as always but pictures of those another time.

sock yarn Posted by Picasa

This is the picture of the wonderful sock yarn that I won on the Hurricane Katrina Donation Drive plus my bonus butterfly which is now living happily on my mobile. Go check out the site as the auction items are always changing.

Ok I’ll post a little more later


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