Thanks to all the advice about the dock leaves, di…

Thanks to all the advice about the dock leaves, didn’t work it out so just went with the ice seemed to help, I forgot how much it stings remind me of that when I tell one of the kids that it doesn’t lol.
So have returned home after a long day yesterday, yes I did do youth club but as a counter measure to that luckly my friend Jac inveted me out for a drink and although I looked like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards we braved our local and I had a much deserved drink followed by a trip back to the studio at 11pm (some idea about nocturnal animals or something) to check the hamster trap. Now there were theories that the hamster had been nibbling on the food left down for it yesterday but Dan spent quite a bit of time crawling around on his hands and knees yesterday to no avail and it still wasn’t in the trap this morning.

Hamsters chewed escape route Posted by Picasa

So either as I suspect it go injured in the fall from the table and has crawled away somewhere and died or he has ecaped the studio altogether. So the plan tomorrow is to remove everything carefully from the lower level, and anybody who has visited will know how much work that is going to be. So unfortunately won’t be dropping in to see Debbie Bliss at John Lewis tomorrow, might try and catch her at Loop on Sunday.

Ok on with the knitting news. I found my Get Knitted parcel waiting for me at the studio the most exciting bits being the Interweave Crochet Magazine and the new short Addi’s.

Goodies Posted by Picasa

I have to say for me the magazine would be one I borrowed rather than brought as I thought there was a bit of filling in it, patterns just to fill the pages that have been done better elsewhere.

Woolly workshop has more of my lengthways kits up on their site today and the are already selling!!!!

I also got my parcels from E-Bay two wool winders!! Now you are asking yourself why two well I actually didn’t need two but I was so fed up with being beaten on my bids for ball winders for the last 6months I just bid on three of them and of course I won two. I think I’m going to keep both though just in case I start classes again they maybe useful.
New toys Posted by Picasa

As you can see I had a bit of a ball winding frenzy (like a kid wiyh a new toy)



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4 responses to “Thanks to all the advice about the dock leaves, di…

  1. Laura

    I’m going to check out Woolly Workshop right away!

    Aren’t ball winders ace?

    Laura x

  2. Jan

    Crikey Nic, your hamster must have steel capped teeth! Hope you find him, although in your studio, there must a hundred cubby holes to hide in…. Love your wool winders, I’ve put a bid on Ebay for one, as I have lots of skeins to wind up. See you at Libertys. Luv Jan xxx

  3. Melanie

    TWO balls winders… you lucky lucky girl! Amen to ebay! 🙂 Hey… the silk I made the OSW with… where did you get it? I think I may need to get more! 😉 it is sooo beautiful.

    Sorry to hear about your runaways… hope you find em.

  4. Tracy

    Are you using both wool winders at the same time? Great fun! You can get quite a speed up on them can’t you? I take great pleasure in looking at freshly wound balls…I need to get a life 😉

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