Wool what wool

Ok so blogger isn’t working tonight we will just have to wait for those yarn pictures.
All cats and rabbits fed and accounted for and just one more night to go. There is wool everywhere as this weather is awful for drying anything I have wet yarn on every available hanging space.

Had a nice afternoon with Lixie including a final Logo for Skip North so look out for the web page launch any day , plus we got some more yarn spun and dyed.

I also experienced for the first time since childhood nettle stings (I have to say it was in my quest of locating dandelions for the bunnies) now I remembered that the best cure was dock leaves unfortunately I realised at that point I had no idea what dock looks like (thats a city girl for you!!!!) so suffered for a little, wioed out most of my hand rather than just one sting, but seems to have shrunk back to normal size now.



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4 responses to “Wool what wool

  1. dawnhttp://deesie.typepad.com/skein/

    If you see nettles, I can guarantee that there’ll be dock leaves nearby. they’re green and large(!. However, I’ve jsut googled for a picture, and the first thing up was a Times article saying it’s an old wive’s tale. So get the calomine lotion out!


  2. your mate Jacq

    Only one more day to go. . . does that mean we get you (and your creativity) back in Barnes then?? Roll on that day!! Yeah!!

    Let me know when you’re back, I could come round loaded with interesting things for you from my travels and stash and other collections of interesting things (I owe you big time for all your help over the last few months) or I could just bring coffee (for me) tea (for you) cakes (for both of us). . .

    let me know, xx J

  3. Tracy

    Ouch, I can still see lumps in my mind from stinging sessions. Like Dawn says though, they’re always right by the patch. The trick is not to get stung again reaching for the dock leaf.

  4. Anonymous

    Hello there sp, I finally managed to get round to that questionnaire. It is a bit hectic at my place, as it is on the market so I need to keep hiding away my computer and broadband wires! Heheheh…

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