Sniff sniff

Ok so feeling a bit yuck today, have had this sniffle for a couple of days but this evening it seems to have decided its actually going to turn into a cold typical. Oh well just about finished the five hour sweater this is the pattern I used I know that there are several versions out there but this one seems to work for me. Jan I did try to e-mail you but it got bounced back just to say I will be there next Thursday if all is well.
This is it at the five hour mark two sleeves done just the main body to go. Ran out of daylight so hopefully a picture for you to see tomorrow.

Almost there Posted by Picasa

I did manage to get some of the yarn dry that I dyed earlier in the week.

More yarns for kits Posted by Picasa

There is still more drying in the kitchen, I am reluctant to dye anything else until this lot is dry otherwise I will have no room to move anywhere.

I think I’ll over dye this one, not so happy with it Posted by Picasa

The great news is that Get Knitted finally recieved my parcel yesterday, Sue has been very patient and they will go on the site on Monday.

I’m still working on the juiced jester yarn hopefully something else I can finish tomorrow, well thats the plan anyway after a quick trip to the post office. I really would like to dye some more though but after having just watched the weather report there isn’t a hope.


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