Time to Pack

After the fun and games of yesterday it is time to pack up and return home. As normal I will probably leave something vital behind but we are both back at the Hampton Court Green Country Affair next weekend so anything can be exchanged. I have just checked out the website for this event and I have to say the music looks like it could be fun with both an Abba and a Led Zepplin tribute band playing Saturday night and also some interesting Jazz musicians spread over the weekend.
I did get some work done yesterday, I completed a dye lot some of which is heading overseas to my Secret Pal so will post photo after she has recieved.
I also started to spin another funky hank of yarn.

mangled parrot anyone!!! Posted by Picasa

This is a good thing as apparently both of the hanks I sent with Les and Tess have been sold and people want more!!!
Skip North almost there look out for website details.



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5 responses to “Time to Pack

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  4. Daisy

    Sorry you won’t be coming to Greenbelt, Nickerjac. 😦 I will make sure I post some pics on my blog when I get back. (and I really hope it doesn’t rain like it is at the moment!). The Skip North stuff looks really interesting, looking forward to finding out more!

  5. Yvonne

    Mangled Parrot? Another great marketing name!

    Survived day 1 of girls week – today is glass painting – wish it was knitting!

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