I think I have found the ultimate in luxury, well for me anyway.
The beautiful Louet Posted by Picasa

This is the result of a wonderful evening sat in fronet of ‘House’ on channel five and a Louet spinning wheel.

Close up of yarn Posted by Picasa

I’m about to wind it off onto the niddy noddy before setting the twist but it does look like very demented clown has been spun nto yarn.
Unfortunately not a great night, the foxes started howling at around 3am making me very nervous so have been awake pretty much since then so II feel an afternoon nap coming on. Also the weather has turned completely, at about 5:30 am the thunder storms started which made the bunnies a little jumpy so therefore me jumpy. I’ll try and take some pictures of them later especially what used to be the baby bunnies who are no full grown teenagers as they are very cute. Of course the other problem with the rain being that there were a lot of wet cats around this morning.

More later I expect as have refound the joy of having the interne4t and am trying to catch up with my blog reading!!!



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3 responses to “Luxury

  1. Anonymous

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    Never seen such a blog! Keep doing it.

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  2. Daisy

    Love the demented clown – it looks fab!!

  3. Tracy

    Now that looks pretty spectacular, a bit like a wool firework!

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