Manic Monday

Ok first things first I just need to get this out my system, why are some people parents, as most of you know I work as a youth worker on a monday night, well tonight being our last session we invited the parents to a pizza party and presentations, nothing formal just a bit of fun. Do you know how many parents turned up… thats it one honestly we don’t ask them any other time of the year and the kids had worked hard to win these awards (carefully chosen so everybody skills are taken in to consideration), to me it just explains why a lot of the local kids are in the state their in, I am so mad at them, I’d managed to get there even though I’d spent most of the morning throwing up (an unexpected encounter with a nut) and they couldn’t even spare an hour and a half for their own kids.

Ok have finished my rant and rave, there were a couple of great things that happened today.
Firstly Gill from Woolly Workshop placed an order for kits so expect to seem them on screen soon which is fantastic and she is also interested in the new kits when they are ready (more of that later)

Secondly My first parcel from my Secret Pal arrived and what a parcel,

Look at that chocolate Posted by Picasa

First of all all this wonderful choclate, sock yarn and needles to feed my sock obsession. Heres a close up.

Lucious green Posted by Picasa

I really love the green its not a colourway I’ve seen before and had to restrain myself from casting on then and there. And theres more look at these groovy socks I love them I don’t think you can see in the photo but they have little paw shape grippers on the bottem plus a matching green notebook plus these fantastic homemade stitch markers from Glampyre

Groovy socks Posted by Picasa

And just to prove that I did do some work on Sunday here is the progress with the shelves they are all now in place and have started to be loaded up

Shelves in place Posted by Picasa


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2 responses to “Manic Monday

  1. dawn

    How sad for the youth! although teenagers are not in good favour in this household, a certain 15yo is pushing the boundaries. we’re off on holiday friday, he thinks he can come down satruday, spend fri night on his own! He’s terrified of missing some south london action! (His friends are mostly away on holiday!)

    I will have to keep my eye out for your kits online!


  2. Daisy

    Yep. We have the same problem with Guides/Rangers – parents love getting them out of their hair for the evening but turning up to help out at stuff?! Never!
    The Secret Pal stuff looks great! I love the colour of the Opal yarn.

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