Better Day

First of all thank you for everybodys good thoughts and am doing a lot better today even with all the trouble up in town. I don’t think I can get another hamster although the type of hamster thsat I have prefers living in groups I’m not sure a strange hamster will be safe in with her. At the moment she is eating and drinking well but is sleeping a lot. We will see what the week brings.

Ok on with more important things look at this wonderful parcel I got yesterday,

Box of delights Posted by Picasa

This was my parcel from my edgy exchange partner Janet, First of all there was the item itself, which is Ruffles from ‘Scarf Style’ how did she know that I really wanted one of these but couldn’t face all that straight knitting.

Close up Posted by Picasa

The best bit about it is that it has no wool in it, it is in a yarn called Sprout (love the name) from wool in the woods. I know I’m awkward to knit for, I’m sorry you got stuck with me but you did a great job.
Now not only did I get this great scarf there were a few other goodies in the box.

In action Posted by Picasa

There was this wonderful handknitted facecloth made of cotton chenille with matching handmade soap which smells divine. Also tucked in there was choclate and posh choclate at that, I have been very good and have only eaten the one piece so far I’m trying to eek it out.

Face Cloth and soap Posted by Picasa

Thank you so much it was a wonderful parcel.
Oh and before anyone asks yes I have been to the hairdresser and no it will never look like that again.
Well as I couldn’t get to Liberty tonight I thought I would attempt to spin yarn like PluckyFluff and this is the result.

Its very Pink Posted by Picasa

I know I need a little more practice, the main problem is that I am quite proficient on my drop spindle so going back to spinning chunkier yarns,not sure what I’ll knit with it as there is only around 30m. It was fun though.

In the hank Posted by Picasa



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7 responses to “Better Day

  1. dawn

    nic where did you go to the hairdressers? my hair is dire, needs at least 4inches off and colour (not done for years) and if there’s anywhere in barnes or putney…. let me know! your hair colour is great – not sure how much cutting you’ve had done as it’s always up, but it has that blow dried sleekness we can never achieve…


  2. scarletprincess

    I love the yarn you made! Reminds me of rowan biggy print or something- the colour is yummy!
    Aren’t you lucky getting that scarf!

  3. littlelixie

    So much to catch up on – I’m so sorry about the little feller. Losing a pet can be terribly harsh plus when it brings back other memories – just really sorry.

    Wow – your hair (and your face etc) looks stunning.

    Lastly – I want that scarf! I started knitting it and got fed up (after about an inch). What is the yarn made of?

  4. Mary

    Lovely scarf – it looks very good on you. Nice to see a few other goodies in there as well.

  5. Daisy

    Wow, that scarf is FAB!!


    Por favor preciso da receita do ruffles scarf. Obrigada.

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