Sad Day

I’m sorry this is not going to be a cheerful entry, I thought I was doing really well, it was seven months yesterday since I lost Robin and I had an ok day, unfortunately when I got into the studio I found one of my hamsters dead.
From what we can work out one of the tubes collapsed overnight and she had fallen off the table and the shock had killed her. Thankfully the other one (kim) isn’t very brave and hadn’t even left the cage . I know it doesn’t seem a big thing in the scheme of things but to me that little hamster was very important to me.

The one good thing that happened today was my edgy exchange parcel arrived and it is fantastic, I promise to post photos and blog about it tomorrow when I feel better and show it with the enthusiasm it deserves.

PS Can the wonderful person who was my edgy pal send me an e-mail as I would reallly like to send you a personal e-mail too



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8 responses to “Sad Day

  1. Jan

    So sorry to hear about your hamster, how sad and what it shock it must have been to find it. My son has the same hamster cage/system as you have and it happens all the time that the tubes come out, especially the water one. I can’t tell you how many times ours has escaped. We have the whole system completely covered in sellotape to hold it altogether. Hope you feel better soon. It was nice that you got your edgy exchange gift, as I am sure it helped a bit. All the best, Jan xx

  2. scarletprincess

    Aww I’m sorry to hear about your hamster. I hope you feel better soon. x

  3. alltangledup

    Sorry about the hamster. what a nasty surprise to go to the studio and find that. I hope that poor thing didn’t suffer much

  4. Mary

    Sorry to hear about the hamster. It must have been very upsetting to come in and find that. I hope things start to feel more positive soon.

  5. dawn

    that’s really sad. my niece’s hamster escaped and died of shock (the cat was stalking it). they’re just so delicate. will you be getting a replacement or are hamsters ‘funny’ about other hamsters unless they can mate! I’m not sure if they need hamster company or not.
    You’re doing really well with your bereavement; this is just a small blip when you’re extra sensitive (like at anniversaries).


  6. kerrie

    Oh Nic – I’m sorry to hear about the hamster, that must have been devastating to come in and find that happened.. I’m sending you a little parcel tomorrow so it should arrive on Saturday, hope it goes a little way to cheering you up!

  7. Noo

    Boo for bad days. I hope tomorrow brings you better cheer x

  8. Emily

    Hey there im so sorry to hear about your hamster. We had a kitten that died recently so i know how it can affect you. Keep your chin up!

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