Fingers crossed

I seem to be having a blogger problem as my page doesn’t seem to be coming up, so hopefully if you are reading this then I’ve fixed it.
Just a quick post this morning as I’m off to Silkwood today for some fun.
Just to prove I occassionaly work here is my growing stockpile of kits all waiting for patterns.
kits Posted by Picasa

Can you spot yours Little Lixie
Here is a close up of one of the new skeins

close up Posted by Picasa

This is the first patchwork square for my tumbling blocks quilt.

patchwork square Posted by Picasa

And look I’ve finished another dish cloth yes I know its the same as the other one, but I really enjoy this pattern.

dish cloth Posted by Picasa

Yesterday was quite busy, as normal I youth club in the evening so had a lot to prepare including all the invites that the kids started last week for next weeks pizza and prize night, the really disappointing thing was I don’t think any of the parents will come, never mind we’ll make it special.
I did have help in the craft department though, Dan from studio 1 bravely volunteered to come and make books with the kids, he survived and we made some lovely books forgot to take photos though.

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