Edgy Finished !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry no knitting photos today but the good news is that I finally finished edgy and I am just off to the studio to parcel it up and send it. I have taken photos and will post them when I know that it has been recieved.
I’m doing quite well for knitting this week as I finished sewing up a jumper for a friend, I did my dishcloth and I finished edgy that has to be a record for me.
I have cast on another dishcloth but not as happy with the design, its another circular one but unlike the last one its not worked from the centre out you work it round in wedges, I’m not finding it as challenging maybe I need to frog it and find another pattern.
I have a new addition in the studio a beaded curtain,
new edition Posted by Picasa

I got so fed up with those big buzzy flies getting caught in the studio. While I was in Hammersmith I brought a couple more bits for my next SP5 parcel.
Oh the other thing I found yesterday was how wonderful handmade sloe gin is, no its not a tale of debauchery just had the one small glass but it was lovely.



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4 responses to “Edgy Finished !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. littlelixie

    Gorgeous curtain!

  2. Yvonne

    Bet you can’t remember where we put the other curtain! Love the beads.

    Fancy starting the Peacock washcloth? That should be complicated enough to hold your attention.

    My edgy went out today so there should be some happy people around soon

  3. kathryn

    gin?! I’m guessing Julia has something to do with that!

  4. Tracy

    My grandma used to make sloe gin. When I was little I would help her pick them just down the road from where she used to live. Unfortunately she’d never let me try the finished product!

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