Thank you Dawn

Just to prove that I occassionaly do some knitting 🙂 I took up Dawns suggestion and did this Dish cloth last night
One Wash Cloth Posted by Picasa

its the double flower cloth by Yvonne Hussey, Nice and simple and quick to knit, I think everyone will be getting washcloths for christmas.


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5 responses to “Thank you Dawn

  1. scarletprincess

    Wow thats far too pretty to wash up with… now i’ve seen that site i’d be tempted to make loads and make a blanket!

  2. Laura

    Wow – your dishcloth looks ace – I love it. Good work!

    Laura x

  3. dawn

    Hi Nic
    It looks great, and I love that colour. Great gifts, quick knitting and practical, what more can you ask? Are you going to start making soap now to match the cloths???


  4. littlelixie

    Oooo, never thought about doing one of those before – looks lovely. Have bookmarked that site.

  5. Inertia

    That is *so* pretty.

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