Live 8 day

So the plans for the day is to watch the concert from beginning to end knitting all the way. I missed most of Live Aid due to an enforced shopping trip with my mum and only a small portable in her flat at the time. So no political message from me but please take your time to check out the website for making poverty history and make up your own mind.
Knitting news well heres the progress on the cardie not bad if I say so myself the bootom border complete and about to cast on the extra stiches for the button band,
Delta cardie Posted by Picasa I know it looks like a piar of flippers at the moment but thats just the garter stich pattern border distorting it.
Look what Kim gave e yesterday its one of her new prints shes working on for an upcoming show. Its all hand printed and foiled on Suede.
Kims Print Posted by PicasaIts gorgeous.

To answer some questions the sundaes were huge and yes Yvonne did say that photography was banned but I’m sure that I could have just sneaked a photo, don’t feel to guilty about the icecream as we worked out it had been exactly a year since we had the last one.
And to what I am going to do with the capricorn coloured Silkwood in fact I was very good and just made do with stroking it and will probably buy some in the 4ply and maybe attempt some socks.



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2 responses to “Live 8 day

  1. littlelixie

    It does look like flippers ;p but it’s a lovely colour and I’m sure it’s going to look wicked. That cat is just so darn cute!

  2. dawn

    I watched most of Live8, but we got so drunk that we fell asleep for about 1/2 hour, woke up didn’t know where we were! I cooked dinner and forgot the courgettes, can’t remember cooking… I had plans for so much knitting, but wasn’t co-ordinated enough to knit!

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