Todays another day

Just a breif entry today, had an awful day yesterday started off well, ordered more addis for myself adding to the collection slowly, walked to the studio in beautiful sunshine greeted by the hamsters on my entry into the studio, I think they connect the sound of the key in the door with food. Then things went a little down hill, basically anything I touched went wrong and for some reason I really missed Robin yesterday, no paticular reason just a huge sense of loss again.
So I am going for today is a new day and with a smile on my face I am hoping to complete most of my edgy exchange project today, and am looking forward to recieving my Get Knitted parcel and we will see what the day brings.



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3 responses to “Todays another day

  1. Tracy

    Let’s hope you keep smiling all day long. I’m sure you’ll be much better today.

  2. Yvonne

    Sounds like we had similar days yesterday except that I just spent the day in bed heavily medicated. My self-cure prescription was a parcel from Get Knitted – it arrived this morning and I feel nearly human again. Do you think we can get it on the NHS?

    Liberty’s on Thursday?

  3. Jill

    We definitely ought to get parcels from Get Knitted on the NHS – the NHS now pays for people who need it to belong to Health Clubs – what’s the difference? Think of all the money the NHS could save in tranquilisers and anti-depressants…..

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