Dr Dolittle I’m not

So ok the story so far one mild panic as only having seen seven of eight cats for twenty four hours discovered happily sat in empty rabbit cage, just a dirty stop out.
Possible pregnant rabbit no sign of any action just enjoying being spoilt with fresh veg, other bunny who is having phantom pregnancey very depressed and off food, such a pity as she had made the most beautiful nest, even bribery of a cabbage leaf had no effect.

Only thing behaving itself is the Raeburn just a little worried that I might run out of fuel.

On to more knit based things, I visited a LYS in Cheam this morning called Whichcraft, nice place well organised staffed by a very nice lady as I know the owner has a full time job elsewhere. They are a Rowan stockist and seem to have a good amount of stock, they also stock Patons and Twilleys, the main reason for my visit was because they stock Silkwoods yarns. The only complaint I had, well not really a complaint was the fact that not everything was out on display so my advice would be is if you can’t see it ask.

Before you ask yes I did buy something I brought four balls of Twilleys freedom, basically a roving similiar to brown sheep so going to have a little experiment with a felted bag.

I came back and dyed another four lots of wool, including another batch of water lily as apparently it has been very popular at the Sheppton Mallet show.


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