Raeburn still lit!!!!!!

I think I am slowly getting the hang of this thing the couple of times I checked on it last night didn’t need to do anything to it and was still lit this morning.
Rabbits and cats are also fine.
I actually took a day off from kit winding today, I know I shouldn’t of but hey I’ll double the effort tomorrow. I did some spinniing this morning, I’m a little rusyt as I’m out of practice but was becoming more even afer ten minutes or so, I also turned the heel on one of the socks and started on the second. I also went shopping in Sutton, having never been I was just curious and came across an Alders with a yarn department and I got all excited because a s you know they are going into liquidation and I thought great some good bargins to be had, in fact it was all very depressing, they only stocked Sirdar and a limited range at that. They had obviously sent back any complete bags of any yarn they had as they get a refund and what was left mostly acrylic DK had only a 10% discount so I was very good and only brought two balls of yarn both Sirdars’ Fresco one in Black grey and white and another inpink orange and lilac their yardage is quite goo so will make another addition to the kits.
Unfortunately while I was out it started to snow, thankfully it didn’t settle but it is definitely a little frosty here.


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One response to “Raeburn still lit!!!!!!

  1. Anonymous

    Glad to hear you had a day off from the kits and even better news about the company for the stand!

    I resisted temptation today in JL wool dept and The Button Queen and then blew the budget on new bed linens!

    Keep the reaburn stoked – we had snow in oxford street!


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