Just a Quick Note

Just a quick entry as I am just off to Tess and Les’ to look after their place and the bunnies for the weekend, unfortunately the chickens that I was also supposed to look after were had by the local foxes so am now going to be completely paranoid. But I also get their beautiful cats for company which will make up for it, although the suitcase of yarn waiting to be made up into more kits will keep me busy.
Knitting wise I had quite a successful day yesterday another 10 kits ready to go plus I am turning the heel on two of my socks the regia strech ones are coming with me so hopefully I might have a pair of socks by the time I get back. I also managed to dye a hank of yarn in Pinks and oranges to add to the kit stash.
I am having problems getting some of my links to work so please be patient still haven’t got the hang of this programme yet but getting there.



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2 responses to “Just a Quick Note

  1. Jan

    Have a lovely weekend knitting, making up kits and stroking cats. Sounds perfick…. Jan xx

  2. Nickerjac

    Thank you xxx

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