Not quite as intended

Unfortunately I didn’t get to Brighton as planned especially as I hear there was a very attractive four foot by three foot picture of me on the knit and relax stand (note the sarcasm). I just had one of those bad days yesterday besides knitting six rows of my Kiri and then having to undo four of them (see my comment about lace knitting in previous entry) I also found some of the presents that I had brought back from the states for Christmas for Robin, which made me quite low so decided to take a day off especially as I had the house to myself.
I ended up digging out a quilt I had started about a year and a half ago. Its being made in the old fashion method of hand piecing (finally found a good use for old christmas cards) all in fresh pale pinks and blues with primarily fabric from IKEA and odds and ends found else where. I will try and take a picture in day light as the colours aren’t right with the flash, but that has successfully kept me occupied if my fingers a little sore, really can’t get used to using a thimble.
So back to the grindstone tomorrow, I did manage to finish two more kits yesterday so hopefully the packaging will turn up tomorrow.
I guess the bonus of not going to brighton is that I didn’t spend any money, but unfortunately have made a few ebay purchases none knitting related, mostly books or audio books for the studio and a copy of the fifth Harry Potter, I know everyone else has already read them all I just haven’t quite caught up yet took me three goes to finish number four.

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